Who we are.....


DeLaRentis was founded in 1978 and it's main focus has been on the craftsmanship and comfort of

high-quality shoes. Our business of manufacturing shoes is international, multi-cultural and diverse

by nature. Distributing to the finest stores throughout the world, we are one of the world's premier

shoe manufacturers.  We develop, import and export shoes all over the globe for both retailers and

brand/wholesale customers.


DeLaRentis has been marketing shoes for over 4 generations... it's in our bloodline.  One of the best

way's we've found to provide excellent customer service is by ensuring our clients that we are the

most reliable resource in the shoe industry.  We continue to go above and beyond to satisfy our clients

with customer first satisfaction.  Meaning we evaluate our customer's wants and needs and strive for

pure excellence in everything we produce.  The company's philosophy has remained unchanged for

more than 32 years... offer the customer the best possible service, quality and value.


This philosophy is woven into the fabric of DeLaRentis, and we understand that our success comes

from our dedication.